How to Get Free PSN Codes and Gift Cards?

Get Free PSN

PlayStation, a well reputed gaming console, allow people to purchase various gaming services online. These services contain games and other content.

 Different methods are present, using which you can buy all the available content on the PlayStation store. Gamers can either use their credit cards or PSN codes to buy games on the PlayStation store.

Sony PlayStation official provides Gift cards that PlayStation users can use to get games at discounts or even for free from PlayStation Store. But these gift cards are available only for a specific period, which makes it complicated to attain these cards.

In this PSN article, we are going to reveal some tips that “How to Get Free PSN Codes and Gift Cards?” But first, we need to know that what are PSN codes and Gift Cards.

What are the PSN codes?

PSN code, also named as PlayStation Network code, is a name provided to gift cards. PSN codes are useful in such situations where you don’t want to buy things using your credit cards. However, you don’t necessitate bothering about any scam while using the card on the PlayStation Store.

 Still, if you are purchasing PlayStation games from any other source then it might hurt your credit card privacy in such a situation, you can use the PSN codes. Besides this, PSD codes also help in making both offline and online purchases. It also offer various discounts offers that you will love to acquire.

Three methods to get free PSN codes and Gift Cards

Various ways are present, using which you can get PSN codes. Below are all the methods that you can try to get free PSN codes.

1.  Giveaway

Many sources are available that offer a giveaway of PSN Codes and Gift Cards. Various YouTube channels also provide PSN codes for free. The only thing these channels demand is their subscription, which is free.

But you need to be lucky enough to acquire giveaway. Because there will inevitably be thousands of other people like you which might be waiting for these PSN codes and Gift Cards. So it’s not that easy to get gift card codes through these giveaways.

At the same time, some giveaway providers offer a large quantity of these codes so that the chance of getting these codes increases. Hence, make sure to follow all the gaming and tech-related channels that frequently give PlayStation giveaways.

2.  PlayStation’s Official Network

PSN network by PlayStation is another safest and reliable source utilizing which you can get free PSN codes. If you are using PlayStation for the first time, then PlayStation will provide you with a free PSN trial.

However, this free trial comes with 14 days. Another thing that you need to ensure is to know the period of this method. PSN will ask you about the credit card information and will start the trial period.

In the first 14 days, it will not deduct any amount, but after the 14 days, it will cut the amount automatically. So be careful about the trial period and don’t miss it.

Besides this, a single device adds up to three credit cards, which means that you can use this method various times. However, if you don’t have any credit card, then you can’t use this method because it demands credit card information.

In that case, you can ask your family members or friends to share their details so that you can get free PSN Codes and Gift Cards.

You can share your credit card detail on the PSN network without worring about your privacy. It is an official network by PlayStation so that you can put your details without any hesitation.

3.  Free PSN Websites

Numerous websites on the internet grant you free PSN codes and Gift Cards. In return for these free things, these sites may ask you to complete a small task. For example, they may ask you to like their social media pages, which is not a big deal if you are getting codes and gift cards for free.

You might find it challenging to locate trusted websites that genuinely deliver free PSN codes and gift cards, but with a little struggle, you can find one. Some popular and trusted site like Swagbucks also provides free codes.

Swagbucks demand you to register on their website and perform some micro-tasks that are quite easy to complete. These tasks may include watching YouTube ads, playing games, or doing so other stuff.

Once you complete a single task, you will earn some points which you can exchange with free PSN gift cards. These types of websites are usually known as the “Rewards point” website.

Some other well-known and trusted Reward point sites include Prizerebel, Pointsprizes, Mypoints, and GrabPoints. You can go to their official website where you may find the procedure to earn free PSN Codes and Gift Cards from that particular site.