OnePlus 7 Pro – First Look

OnePlus 7 Pro

So here is the first look at the OnePlus 7. It was heavily rumored in the past that OnePlus will go with the motorized set up to achieve that seamless edge to edge display and the rumors were exactly on point. Steve from Onleaks has shared the official factory CAD drawing of the OnePlus 7 which shows a 6.5 1080p Plus display and pop up the camera just like the Vivo Nex. It’ll be interesting to see what this third camera will be. It’s either gonna be a telephoto lens or a wide-angle lens.

A lot of you might not know this but the second camera on the OnePlus 6T is only for depth perception, for portrait mode. It’s not a zoom lens. Alternatively, OnePlus could scrap this depth perception lens in favor of wide-angle and telephoto. Anyway, OnePlus has taken a drastic approach by going with a motorized setup and I would love to see how they’re gonna price this.

The motorized setup will surely increase the component prices and I hope that doesn’t mean an increase in the final retail price. If you’re holding out for wireless charging on OnePlus 7, think again.OnePluss CEO spoke to CNET and confirmed that the OnePlus 7 won’t have wireless charging feature. He said that OnePlus won’t include wireless charging unless they can make it as fast as wired charging.

He thinks their warp charge is fast enough so they don’t need wireless charging on their device. Look I can totally understand his point but come on, you can have wired charging and wireless charging at the same time, just like every other flagship out there. And still, continue working on improving the speed of the wireless charger.

Having the ability to charge your device wirelessly is a convenience and a standard feature in the all of the flagships. It’s a deal-breaker to a lot of people. I charge my device wirelessly over 90% of the time and I’ve gotten so used to it that I wouldn’t get a flagship that doesn’t have this feature.

It’s just weird that OnePlus calls their devices as premium but doesn’t include basic flagship features like water resistance, a Quad HD+ display, and wireless charging. So I think OnePlus needs to re-consider their strategy considering their prices have been going up lately to the flagship territory.

Anyway, let me know what do you think about this down in the comments and as always, I’ll see you tomorrow.